Book Testimonials

"Written with impeccable grace, love, and self-deprecating humility, Permission to Be You shares the life journey of one woman’s human foibles, misconceptions, and heartrending challenges. Through the author's awe-inspiring courage and resilience, the reader vicariously experiences a true transformation as Jivi takes decisive action to reclaim her true life purpose. This true story inspires every person and every leader to recognize that we have the answers we seek and when we have the courage to listen to our inner voice and follow the wisdom of our being, we will find peace, happiness, and great personal freedom. Jivi, you are a beautiful soul, a wonderful woman, and I am blessed to have met and experienced your graciousness."

– Shelley Rathie
Mount Royal University, Bissett School of Business Faculty,
Choosing Happiness, SAGE Advisor

"With the clarity of Amy Cuddy and the insight of Brene Brown, Jivi Saran takes the reader on a journey of self awareness and personal growth that is powerful and transformative. Read this book, and become the perfect leader you are meant to be when you have the courage and will to step forth as your true self."

– Alison Alder
Chair of Academic Upgrading & Development at Selkirk College,
BSc, MBA Leadership, CACE

"Jivi tells her own story so we can find the courage to examine ours and shed the weight of the invisible clothing that is holding us down, keeping us back. Her book wakes up the soul and lovingly challenges us and helps us to address the questions we've been hiding from: Who am I? How can I find the 'me' that's been buried under the weight of early experience and self-doubt? How can I work from acceptance to joy?"

– Ann Perodeau
MA, Social Change Facilitator

"Jivi’s story moved and inspired me, to my core. She encourages us to live our life to the fullest by believing in our self and our ability to stay true and remain authentic."

– Catherine Brownlee
Global Headhunter connecting people globally

"Permission to Be You by Jivi Saran is a wonderful book everyone must read. She shares her life journey and shows how others can work on themselves to overcome challenges in a positive way."

– Judy Magnussen
Healer and Author

"This book takes to the soul of a sage leader and guide. She has worn many costumes, unwanted and wanted, but always has had a sense that there was a wise and worthy soul to be fashioned beneath them all. This book shows you how you, too, can do that and take your unique brilliance into every one of your circles of influence."

– Brian Fraser
Lead Provocateur, Jazzthink

"What a terrific book. It is honest, vulnerable, and humorous. It is a roadmap for us to hear Jivi’s brilliantly spun stories and see her truth, which makes it safe to see our own. Jivi gives permission for the reader to grow, remove their own costume through simple exercises, and to do it all without judgment. Highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a better way; a better version of themselves."

– Alison Donaghey
author, speaker, thought strategist,

"Jivi delivers a beautifully disruptive story packed with powerful exercises to help you unpack your own life and move forward as a veritable leader. Permission to Be You is a truly captivating and rewarding read."

– Christine Gustafson
PEng, Principal at Harbourgreene Consulting Inc.

"Jivi Cheema shares her inspiring story with courage and authenticity. This book is an invitation and a guide to soul searching and self empowerment. It should be included in any organisation's orientation package so that staff can learn about corporate mindfulness."

– Seynabou Diack
Director, SMD Consulting Inc.

"Jivi’s relatable stories confirm our authentic selves are hiding in clear sight. This book is a guide to your ‘BIG reveal.’ Get ready! Jivi’s decisions demonstrate that the ‘Good Life’ doesn’t only happen for certain people—it’s your choice! If you are reading this book, your heart knows it is time to change your story. Jivi’s approach to change encourages you to tame your critic and be completely open with the only person who hears what is in your head and heart—you. This delightful read confirms that simple questions and gentle inquisition can have an enormous effect for you and your team!"

– Jana De Luca